Toy Photography

This is for Toy Photographers who wants to share their works with other collectors. If you want to share your work, just send an email at You can include a title, a caption and a short note.

Toys represent our imagination, our aspirations and our innocent, childhood fantasies. Everyone is still a child at heart. The camera, along with our creativity, will allow us to capture these moments and share it with everyone.

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Speed Sale

Speed Sale a.k.a. "Daily 8" is an exclusive feature for My Japanese Hobby Power Collectors. It involves placing 8 random products on sale at 8% daily which will include all "In Stock" items.

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Kamen Rider BLACK RX

by Bandai

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by Good Smile Company

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Sephiroth Another Form Ver.

by Square Enix

1072 Chito

by FineΦClover

1412 Kid the Phantom Thief

by Good Smile Company

1129 Susu Tushan

by Good Smile Arts Shanghai

1152 Galo Thymos

by Good Smile Company

1149 Seijuro Akashi


Do-It-Yourself with kixkillradio

Kixkillradio has been one of our first customer when we have open shop last 2010. She was just a new comer in the figure collection community at that time and was not very familiar on it. I guess, she was just another girl who was bought with the cuteness of Nendoroids, Black Rock Shooter to be specific. From then, we have witnessed her rise from being just another lector to now a brand ambassador of some notable brands. We are very happy to share her works here and hope that those wanting to travel the same path as her take her story as their inspiration.